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Dr. Sabrina Solt is a naturopathic medical doctor who specializes in Regen. and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Solt began practicing regenerative medicine back in 2013 beginning with prolotherapy, and since then has evolved her practice to include nearly all available modalities. These years of practice and experience in the field have made her a highly sought-after professional who has taught dozens of other physicians, treated thousands of patients, and performed thousands of injections. So, what does that mean for you? It means a level of skill, expertise, strategy, and elegance that is only cultivated over many, many reps, and is still getting better.

It is Dr. Solt’s mission to help as many people recover from musculoskeletal pain while simultaneously optimizing their overall health so they look, feel, and are biologically younger. She is absolutely magical with a needle and lives for getting patients out of pain with her injection skills. Dr. Solt is thrilled to be considered on your healing journey and hopes to provide you with a level of care and compassion that is unmatched anywhere else.


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