Your adipose (aka fat) tissue is a very rich source of cells that can be easily harvested for utilization in a number of different applications.

Dr. Solt has a great deal of experience in utilizing adipose tissue grafts for aesthetic purposes. She creates what’s known as a stromal vascular tissue graft. This type of processing is entirely mechanical in nature and maintains the cells within their niche, which has been shown in studies to enhance growth and proliferation once injected into the desired area. The cells are not fully separated from the fat, but the fat tissue itself is broken down so carefully and finely, that it is freely flowable through a needle into the desired space. By keeping the adipose tissue with the cells, we are also providing extra cushion. Dr. Solt uses adipose tissue in this fashion for aesthetic purposes, such as filling the cheeks, lips, and under eyes in order to enhance previously lost volume. Much safer and more natural looking than utilizing traditional fillers, adipose tissue is a wonderful option for those looking to enhance their natural beauty in a safer and more affordable way.

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