Dr. Solt has been prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy since 2013. In that time, she has used everything on her patients from injections to creams, to troches, and more! At the beginning of 2018, she learned the BioTE method, which emphasizes hormone pellets as a wonderful tool to optimize levels in both men and women.

Since then, 99% of her patients have switched over and agree that this is the best form of hormone replacement they have ever been on! Patients love it because it is as simple as “set it and forget it”.

The pellets get inserted by Dr. Solt into the fatty tissue at the top part of the glute, and slowly release over time. For women, insertions need to be done every 3-4 months, and for men every 5-6 months. The body ends up with consistent levels during that time, without the crazy side effects of hormones fluctuating up and down with having to take them daily or weekly via the other methods mentioned previously. They are a complete game changer. The best part? Because of the consistency, after optimal levels are achieved, blood work only needs to be done once a year, in addition to mammograms and paps (if applicable) for women.

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