Dr. Solt first learned how to blend and administer nutritional IVs back in 2013. Since then, she has become an expert at creating synergistic formulas at ideal pH levels for the ultimate experience in comfort and boosting nutrient levels. She maintains a few flagship blends, as mentioned below, but will frequently create ‘flavors of the month’ or even customize blends specific for YOU!

Here are her current offerings:

  • Immune Boost IV – this has a potent blend of a moderate dose of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Lysine, amongst other nutrients such as the full spectrum of B vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This is ex ent for whenever you feel like you are getting sick, currently sick, are around people who are sick, or even when you’re just overrun with stress!
  • Fat Blast IV – this blend of high doses of B vitamins combined with four different amino acids that encourage your liver to burn fat for fuel is not only ex ent at providing energy, but it can also help gently detox as well. It is best used in conjunction with moderate diet and exercise for optimal results.
  • NAD+ IV – this is touted as the “anti-aging” molecule and is also used in things like addiction recovery. It provides energy at the ular level by recharging your mitochondria. This is an incredibly popular treatment in the biohacking community, and for good reason! It works. The majority of people notice a dramatic positive change after just one treatment.
  • Monthly or quarterly special – please call the office to check in on what our unique offering is! Dr. Solt truly takes pride in these creations and likes to customize them either to the season or to a particular population who might be in need. They are usually offered at a special price, too!

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