1. Perineural Injections

Have you ever had pain in an area like the neck or low back that just didn’t respond to typical anti-inflammatory medication? There’s a good chance you were suffering from something called neurogenic inflammation – which is an often-overlooked cause of severe and chronic pain that does not respond to traditional treatments. As the name suggests, it is inflammation of the nerves, and this can be quite tricky to treat. Neurogenic inflammation is often the culprit behind chronic pain conditions that were deemed surgical candidates, but that the surgery didn’t actually fix! This is an all too common occurrence and is worth considering as an option if you fall into the category of someone still struggling with pain, but have tried all medications and surgical options you were a candidate for. By utilizing very specific injectable products & concentrations, we are able to strategically inject into the areas of affected nerves, thereby quieting down the inflammation and working towards a pain-free life. Often times a series of treatments are needed, and that is specific to each individual.

2. Trigger Point Injections

Those tight bands of muscle you might feel in your neck, upper shoulders and even low back are usually surefire signs of trigger points. Trigger points can cause pain in the affected area, but can also cause referral pain into areas like the jaw, head, groin, hip, or even down the legs. These commonly occur in people that have suffered through things like car accidents, or who have worked desk jobs for many years, though almost anyone can get them! They can lead to debilitating chronic pain that may or may not respond to things like traditional anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer medications. By utilizing a strategic injection method and various products customized to your individual needs, we can work overtime to release these trigger points and bring you to a state of pain relief. Usually, a series of 4-8 treatments are necessary to achieve lasting results, especially if your condition has been going on for longer than 6 months.

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