1. Male

    For men, dealing with erectile dysfunction or other issues that affect the penis can be detrimental to their confidence, relationships, and overall, how they show up in the world. With the advancements we’ve made in Regen. Med., there is no reason why any man should struggle with this! After a consultation to discuss details of the dysfunction and other therapies tried, a comprehensive treatment plan is created that can encompass anything from hormone replacement and peptide therapy, to using PRP to actually enhance function, strength, and (some men even report), size! A great deal of care is taken during the procedure to maintain comfort and discretion, and in some cases more than one treatment is needed to achieve desired results.


  2. Female

    Women deserve an amazing sex life with powerful orgasms, abundant natural lubrication, burning desire, and zero pain or discomfort. With Regen. Med., we can get you there! Issues such as pain with intercourse, decreased lubrication, lichen sclerosus, and more can be helped with incredible results. Now, we know for a fact that a woman’s desire and sexuality is multi-faceted, so it is entirely common for an approach to sexual regeneration to include things like hormone replacement therapy or peptides in addition to injections. During the procedure, ample numbing of these most sensitive areas is done to ensure as much comfort as possible. Injections are performed with a gentle and delicate touch and many women report results in just weeks!

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