• Cervical

Neck pain is becoming more and more of a common complaint as people spend more time on their computers, on their phones, and even commuting in traffic. All of the abnormal bending can dramatically change the curvature of the neck, leading to many issues including degenerative disc disease and the associated symptoms that come along with that. For some people it’s relatively mild, but for others it can lead to migraines, numbness and tingling in fingers, jaw issues, and even those tight knots you feel at the tops of your shoulders. Regen. Med. and s can help to heal the muscles, nerves, and ligaments that have been affected by the abnormal curvature and gently coax them into a state of healing in order to relieve pain and regain function.

  •     Thoracic

While the least common area to have something like a degenerated disc, the mid back region is not to be overlooked. Trauma from things like car accidents, falls, or sports injuries can certainly lead to complex issues within the structures of the midback. Utilizing Regen. Med. can help to heal the muscles, nerves, and ligaments in the area of injury by providing a decrease in inflammation and the growth factors and cytokines needed to initiate a new healing cycle.

  •     Lumbar

Low back pain is one of the number one issues in the field of chronic pain currently plaguing adults. It is also one of the most complex to treat due to the sheer intricate nature of how the various vertebrae, muscles, and nerves in the low back interrelate with each other. The best way to approach low back pain is a multi-faceted one – where we look deeply into your medical history, do a physical exam, and review any previous imaging. All of these pieces of information play a roll in how we ultimately approach how to begin the healing process and get you back to your most active and pain free life!

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