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Are you interested in working with Dr. Solt? You’ve come to the right place! She has multiple options available to provide you with the care you need and deserve.

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Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

This is Dr Solt’s flagship offering and what she is most skilled at. To see if your concern is one that she addresses with these therapies, check out the “What We Treat” tab above.

Dr. Solt utilizes stem cells, PRP, and other regenerative injection therapies to customize treatment plans to each individual patient. 

PRP treatments can range from $500-$1200 per area

Stem cell treatments can range from $7000-$14000

If you’d like to learn more, you can schedule a complimentary 20min discovery call with her using this link:

Hormones & Anti-Aging

Are you ready to look your best, feel your best, and get back the vitality you had when you were younger? Dr. Solt begins this process with a quick phone consultation to see if working together is going to be a good fit. She will then begin by ordering custom and detailed labs (~$200-$750) to get a full picture of YOU. Her initial consultation rate is $400, and this includes a comprehensive discussion about your medical history, functional interpretation of all lab results, and creation of a treatment plan to help reach your health goals. Follow up appointments are billed at $100 for 15min and $200 for 30min.   

To get started, use this link to schedule that first call:

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Let’s face it. Healing takes time

It is a commitment on both the provider and the patient. 

Both have equal responsibility. 

As a provider, it is my responsibility to offer you a pathway that allows you to regain energy, have better mental clarity, reduce gas and bloating, lose excess fat, and perform at your highest level. 

It is the responsibility of the patient to follow direction, stay invested, ask questions when things aren’t clear, and reach out when things are hard. 

When this relationship is in pure symbiosis, magic happens. People can heal like never before.

Based on her extensive clinical experience, Dr. Solt has discovered that the sweet spot for true healing takes around 12 weeks. Because of that, she has developed a complete program to serve both men and women who are looking for a dramatic overhaul on their health.

Here is what is included in the 12 week program:

  • 15min meet and greet call with Dr. Solt to discuss goals of working together ($100 value)
  • Initial comprehensive hormone, wellness, and food intolerance labs ($700 value)
  • Initial stool test with ~30 pages of data ($800 value)
  • Extensive intake to discuss medical history, lab results, and create an initial treatment plan ($500 value)
  • 3 x 15min coaching calls (can pre-book or schedule whenever help is needed) ($300 value)
  • 1 detailed follow up halfway through program to tweak treatment plan ($200 value)
  • 2 customized nutritional IVs ($320 value)
  • 15% discount on all supplements through Fullscript portal
  • 10% discount on hormone pellets (if needed)
  • 10% discount on regenerative procedures (if needed)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $2820
  • Pay in full: $2495


  • 3 payments of $895

Example Schedule:

1Initial call and lab order, full payment or 1st payment collected
2Complete blood draws and stool sample collection

Extensive intake to discuss medical history and lab results

Patient to order recommended supplements/medications


Begin treatment plan after arrival of all supplements

2nd payment collected

5Coaching call to ask any questions
6Nutritional IV

Detailed follow up to tweak treatment plan

3rd payment collected

9Coaching call
10Nutritional IV
12Coaching call, option to continue program

Many patients choose to remain with Dr. Solt long after the program to continue to optimize their health. Because of that, she offers a simple monthly membership for those who want to continue. It is billed monthly and includes:

  • 1 Nutritional IV ($160 value)
  • 1 B12 shot ($25 value)
  • 1 15min coaching call ($100 value)

The recurring monthly charge is just $219, and requires a 3 month commitment. 

To get started, call or text the office at 480-267-7856

We look forward to working with you!

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